About Us

Ben a qualified Chartered Surveyor has run a very successful Acquisition and Management Investment business for 15 years. He has sourced over 200 investment properties in London, managed some serious refurbishment projects and is now working with Far Eastern Investors who invest in London now with several thousand properties under management.

David, similarly qualified but, as a Chartered Auctioneer with 55 years of experience has so many tricks of the trade to share he gives such great added value, that few in the business can offer. A hands on, practical course using lots of creative and real time investment examples. Who are happy to share freely their joint experiences, together with the contacts they have developed within the Property Auction business over the years.

You get a real insight into the inner workings of the business presented by Ben and David, with the addition of 5 high profile external speakers including the Auctioneer who conducts the Auction which you will attend – a unique and special treat.