Case Study: Portfolio investor seeking alternative income

Cash available: £200,000
Property purchased: £475,000

Our Client

  • A mature City professional planning for retirement
  • Recently received annual bonus
  • Living in South West London


  • Existing five properties (all acquired with advice from Ben Temple)
  • Equity portfolio
  • ISAs and cash savings

Reason for Enquiry

  • General interest in property but found sourcing the right investment problematic
  • Substantial funds available for investment and wanted to diversify from equities
  • Seeking an alternative source of income

Temples London Role

  • Evaluate needs and aspirations, agreeing a target type of property
  • Independently sourced properties for investment
  • Advised on purchase of Yield Plus properties due to proven better income returns and good capital appreciation


  • Over 20 properties pre-viewed over several weeks
  • Offer was placed on one property which was subsequently purchased
  • Ben Temple organised the refurbishment and furniture to a high standard
  • The property let very quickly for the asking price


  • Agreed a purchase 5% below market level
  • Gross yields of 7% projected
  • Immediate capital appreciation achieved
  • Client expectations exceeded such that another property already being discussed