Training and Mentoring


This is an online course over 1 weekend, the day(s) of the Auction, and 3 evenings, covering a Live Auction with student involvement; the aim is to give all students the confidence to consider Auctions as a method to source properties to buy and also to involve them in the research and the inspection of some case studies so that all the potential pitfalls can be considered

An Auction is….a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder
A Property Auction….needs to be part of a property purchase strategy
The Auction Course: 11 modules over 6 days
Mentoring : On-going support after the Auction Course
Module 1

Welcome to the Auction course and meet your fellow students / divide in to groups / ideally 6 to 8 per group

Welcome and Groups
  • Discuss strategies for working in groups online – outline personal goals to be achieved on the course
  • Discuss the use of Zoom breakaway and Trello for group working and research
  • Appoint a team leader who will chair and arrange the group hang-out sessions
Module 2

Understand the Catalogue – the start, the middle and the end – is there an order ?

Auction Properties
  • What to look at in the catalogue, on the website, and the resources available from the Auctioneers
Module 3

The case studies and how to analyse quickly – the potentials and the pitfalls (Including a video tour / review)

Case studies and research
  • A video tour and an assessment of the property and the works required
  • Research and analysis – the focus on the product, the end value, and the cost of the works
  • How and why to speak to Estate Agents – Free advice and the “bottom” drawer properties
Module 4

Auction properties legal packs – what is included and what is missing / standard terms (RICS and Auctioneers)

the legal issues to consider
  • Leasehold issues to consider
  • Planning issues
Module 5

Each team leader emails a summary of the strategy in advance of the group get together

Group feedback and ideas
  • Ben summarises each group strategy for the case studies and then does a short Q & A with the team leader
  • Overall strategy summarised and Ben to summarise his thoughts on the best strategy to make a profit
Module 6

Guest Speaker to give some stories about Auction purchases

auction stories and examples of auction strategies
  • David to provide some examples of properties purchased at Auction: the numbers, the strategy and the profit
Module 7

Finance for purchasing Auction Properties – how much can you get ? Can you buy with no cash available ?

Finance for auction purchase
  • Rates available and all set up fees and charges, plus speed of finance
Module 8

The history of Auctions, Where can auctions be held,  Auction Bidding agreements, Types of Auctions and Websites to use

Auction Protocol
Module 9

Zoom with shared screen and some comments from Ben and David

The live auction and watching the case studies
Module 10

Quiz and final questions – have we covered everything and achieved expectations?

Module 11

What actually happened during the live Auction – a behind the scenes view of who was bidding and what sold well. Will we ever have Room Auctions again?

The auctioneer
the outcomes


Collaborative and team based learning

Problem based learning
Task based learning

You will know where to look for Auctions

You will know how to read and find properties you want in a catalogue

You will have some simple methods to undertake initial quick research

You will have some examples of properties bought and strategies used so you can repeat these

You will know what to look for in the legal packs and how to get the right advice for a reasonable cost

You will know where to look for finance and some direct contacts to obtain Auction finance

You will have learnt how to work in online groups, how to use trello boards, and how to use video conferencing for collaborative working

on going support after the Auction Course

When you have completed the Advanced Auction Course we hope you have the tools to analyse and then buy any properties which look interesting at Auction. However if you are still struggling or you want some on-going support after the course Ben and David Temple will use their knowledge and contacts to help you:

  • 1 initial session for NO cost to check we can add value and help you…if we can’t we will tell you
  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls for at least 1 hour to answer questions
  • introductions to our power team network to open doors where sometimes they seem closed
  • Analysis of Auction lots with you….we won’t do the work for you but we will check and look at any work put forward to help you
  • We will make suggestions for adding value and challenge you to think differently 
  • We expect to help you to make a purchase during the support period

The cost for 6 months support after we have agreed we can help is £1500 plus VAT = £1800 paid at the start,  OR £300 plus VAT per month paid monthly by standing order (Total for 6 months incl VAT = £2160)